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Syx Graphics is the largest provider of plastic cards and card services in the Benelux. On a yearly basis, our team manufactures about 60 million plastic cards. They serve multiple applications, including

Our services

Our production process consists of printing, collating, laminating and punching.

Furthermore, we allow for a whole range of finishes and personalization options. Colors, holograms, magnetic stripes, scratch layers, embossing: we have it all on offer.

The very best of printing

At Syx Graphics, cards come in the highest quality. Every one of our products meets the strictest ISO 7810 standards. So no matter what card body material or finishing option you choose, you will notice the Syx craftsmanship.

In order to deliver an end product that answers to that standard, we use the latest printing technologies. Our entire production process is done in a clean, high-tech environment with abundant storage space. 

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