Security ID cards

Security ID cards can be used for all sorts of applications, focusing primarily on the security of the card. Counterfeiting such cards is thus out of the question. Depending on the ‘security level’, there are different possibilities:


A hologram is a technique to make a three-dimensional image of an object by using a flat surface in the form of a photographic film. Looking at this image from different angles, it seems as if the flat image is changing, creating the impression of a three-dimensional image. A hologram cannot be copied, not by any printing technique. It is the best optical security application that can easily be verified with the naked eye.


This security option consists in printing a text in a type size that is too small for the human eye to read and to place it somewhere on the card lay-out. This technique cannot be forged, not even by for example dye sublimation, ink jet or laser printing. This technique can quickly and efficiently be checked using a magnifying glass.

UV ink

UV is short for ultraviolet and is especially used as an additional security option. The ink is only visible if the card is held under UV light.


A guilloche is a collection of a unique, very complex line pattern. A card with a guilloche pattern cannot be copied. This process is used on practically all bank notes.

Magnetic stripes with texts

Printing a logo or a text onto a magnetic stripe is possible using special techniques. Such a text offers extra protection, a professional look and does not result in problems when reading the card.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a personalisation process using lasers to engrave a text into a card. This technique is somewhat more complex than the other personalisation options and is also slightly more expensive. We only advise this technique for the personalisation of smart cards for which the chip number has to be visible on the card.

OVI ink

This special type of security inks changes colour depending on the angle from which you look at the card. OVI inks (optically variable inks) are always printed using the silk screen technique and stand out best in a simple and clear text field. OVI prints cannot be copied.

Holographic overlay

If a card is personalised with a holographic overlay, different parts of the card are visible or reflective dependent on the angle from which you look at the card.


Hotstamping means that a line pattern or a logo is put on the card using a metallic foil. The foil is applied onto the card by means of heat and pressure. Hotstamping can add the finishing touch to VIP cards or club cards.