Ecological footprint

Renewable energy

Syx Graphics is a company that attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. 

In 2009 the Syx Automations Group invested in solar energy and covered the roof of the building with solar panels, a total surface of 3000 m². With the created solar power Syx Graphics covers more than 80% of the total energy consumption of the factory. The remaining 20% is green energy acquired from a wind turbine park nearby.

Syx Graphics invested in environmental friendly means like the waterless offset printing press, being the proud owner of a KBA Genius 52-UV printing press.

While traditional printing presses have a large amount of waste in the form of polluted water and damping solutions with isopropyl alcohol, this emission does not appear in waterless offset printing.
Furthermore the Genius allows us to use environmentally friendly inks resulting in an overall much healthier and cleaner working environment and finished product.
Member of the European Waterless Printing Association
Since November 2011 Syx Graphics is an official member of the European Waterless Printing Association (EWPA e.V.). An organization that aims to avoid damping solutions by supporting research and development in the field of waterless offset printing.
To reduce the emissions coming up in offset printing, the EWPA promotes waterless offset printing and emission reduced printing machines. Using less (or even no) damping solution means saving the environment (air+water) as well as our health.