Recycled cards

recycled cards

For several years Syx Graphics has been researching and testing an environmentally friendly solution for the rigid PVC market. Syx Graphics offers a variety of material options, each with different environmental credentials to take into account the different needs of issuers, but all providing viable eco-friendly alternatives to PVC.

Manufactured using recycled PVC, our Recycled card provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to virgin PVC cards by using waste materials which may otherwise have been sent to landfill. The use of recycled materials also helps minimize the use of natural resources.

Recycled PVC is considered to have the same properties as virgin PVC in terms of performance and shelf life. Card bodies made from recycled PVC are stable, bond at low temperature, are print receptive and laminate well, and tests have shown that they meet the ISO standards for financial cards. The cards are also suitable for chip embedding and personalisation, and offer good card shaping properties.

The Recycled PVC card has been developed to provide a high performing product that can equal a regular card in terms of functionality, durability, reliability and security whilst reducing the environmental impact. Our Recycled PVC cards have a core made from almost 100% recycled materials and in order to ensure the highest quality, the cards have a virgin PVC overlay, giving a total recycled content of around 85%.

The key features of recycled PVC cards include:

  • Greener alternative to virgin PVC
  • Retains the properties of PVC
  • Low temperature bonding
  • Print receptive
  • Laminates well
  • Can be shaped retaining good edges
  • Additional features (Holograms, Signature panels etc) can be applied well