Your Sticky Card

Sticky Card

Sticky Cards or Self-Adhesive Cards can be used for several applications. It is mainly used to customize your RFID cards or other technology cards with a high value. You can print on your sticky card and attach it to the RFID card. Once the information on the card is outdated you just remove the old sticky card and you adhere a new sticky card with the new information back on the RFID card. This is a very cost-effective solution for the customization of your high value cards. For example it is very common in use for temporary workers. You don’t want to use a new RFID card every time you hire a temporary worker or intern, instead you re-use an existing RFID card and you just personalize it again with a sticky card where you print the information of the new temporary worker or intern. Also think about how you can customize your expensive student and visitor RFID badges.  
Apart from that Sticky Cards could also be preprinted by Syx Graphics with your design and you can stick your card to any carrier, such as boxes, folders or on any other flat surface.
Save money and start to use them now. Syx Graphics, we make your cards.

Printing: offset, silkscreen, digital
Thickness: 380µ or 500µ
Material: PVC, PET-G, Biodegradable Cards, …