Press release: SG Technologies

20 Jun

Syx Graphics, 10 years and 300 million plastic cards later, takes now the international road

Ieper, 19 Juni 2017  - Syx Graphics, market leader in the Benelux for plastic cards, card technologies and software applications, celebrates this year its 10th anniversary. Once started as a spin-off within the Syx Automations Group, Syx Graphics grew to a respectable employer and a high-end reference in its industry. With its 40 employees and a production capacity of 60 million laminated plastic cards on a 6000 m² production site in Ypres, it stays loyal to the mission of building a strong local production facility.

As a result of the strategy for investment in high-end machines, a strong software development department, and the necessary technological know-how, we managed to find our place in the market among other respected players. Many national and international renowned customers have formed the foundation for a continuous investment in the future of our company.

Due to the different focus and activity of the Syx Automations Group, which in its turn wants to grow further internationally in the leisure market, and the need for more production space for Syx Graphics,  the decision has been made to give both companies more freedom to develop further, and thus separate legally and physically both companies. Syx Graphics becomes a 100% family owned company again. To create space for both companies, , Syx Automations will soon partially move to a new location in Ypres Business Park.

Niels Syx comments about the growing autonomy for Syx Graphics:

“Through the buy-back of all shares from Syx Automations Group, by the Syx family, previously 60% owned bySofindev since 2013, new opportunities arise for myself and the company. I felt it was the right moment to take the full ownership, with long term focus as a true entrepreneur. The know-how, possibilities and broad product portfolio and machine park makes our company truly unique, and gives us the possibility to take this next step.”

As we strongly believe in a vision of priority towards innovation and technology, “SG Technologies” has been created as a central cradle and new holding. Out of this new structure, Syx Graphics will continue to invest in the coming years in people, resources and opportunities, in order to stay a respectable employer and technology group in the region of Ypres.


Niels Syx

Syx Graphics NV
SG Technologies (holding)