Card printer & printer software

In 10 years’ time, Syx Graphics has built a professional card personalisation department, with multiple solutions for printing of personalised cards : thermal printing, encoding of RFID cards, embossing, applying signature panels and scratch off labels, as well as holographic images.
MATICA Technologies is our preferred partner for our own card personalisation department. We are glad to share with you our strong technical expertise which we have built up in last years with the MATICA retransfer card printers and MATICA industrial card printers. We look forward to prepare a customized proposal for your project with personalized cards:
  • XID retransfer printer &  card management software solution for ID cards and access control entrance cards.
  • XID XL large format card printer, for your event cards and VIP cards.
  • Lamination modules, for a better surface protection of your plastic cards (basic lamination foil), or security foil (holographic foil).
  • S5000 series industrial card printers (thermal print) for bigger volumes customer cards, loyalty and discount cards.
Once professionally installed, our after-sales service team and service engineers, guarantee an optimal working of your card printer system.
Feel free to contact us for a customised proposal.