eCP software

eCP (enchanced card issuance platform)

During the development of this software platform, we took a lot of time to guarantee the safety of the system, on Application, Presentation & Session level of the commonly known OSI model. The eCP platform has an extensive set of SOA XML Webservices allowing the customer to directly import data into the production database and/or export data from the production database. This function is evidently carefully protected so that illegitimate use is out of the question.

eCP comes with an extremely advanced user management system with LDAP (Windows AD) & PKI integration. Every user is linked to one or several user profiles, each profile determining which activities (actions) are available for a certain user.

As an additional security feature, the eCP platform was also provided with a work station management system that allows an administrator to manage the available functionalities per work station, no matter which user logs in.