Add personalized plastic cards to a letter

In addition to printing and personalising your plastic cards or passes with variable data, Syx Graphics can also add them to a direct mailing and does this in a fully automatic way. In this way, you can send fidelity cards, customer cards or membership cards with personalised direct mail actions.

Print and send direct mail?

Syx Graphics is the ideal partner for sending your personalised plastic membership cards. We have invested in two fully automatic mailing machines, that can match one or several cards to a personalised A4 letter (if required in colour) and put them in different formats of envelopes.

Direct mail in large numbers? 

For complex and large direct mailings, we have invested in the Böwe-Systec Cardcube mailer: the cream for card matching and card mailing assignments.

Are you looking for a partner to send your plastic cards? 

Syx graphics will be pleased to help you. We take care of printing and personalizing your plastic cards or passes. Moreover, you can add the plastic cards to a direct mail and we make sure they are sent. In this way, your project remains within the hands of one single reliable partner until shipment.

Safe management system

There is a full integration with our internal card management system eCP so that we can follow everything in the flow:
  • automation in the field of matching
  • putting in envelopes
  • attachments
The entire follow-up is thus done by means of our card management system eCP, allowing our customers to see their project’s status on an eCP web portal.

Do you want to know more about sending your plastic cards?

Do you have further questions on card mailing, our methods or do you want to use our services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees will be pleased to give you more information.