Personalisation for custom plastic cards








Today there are more and more possibilities to personalise your plastic cards. Think for example of adding variable data in monochrome or coloured print or embossing. You can also provide the plastic badges or PVC cards with a scratch-off layer, magnetic stripe and/or RFID chip.
Do you have a special request to personalise your plastic cards? Syx Graphics will gladly help you! We have several machines with a capacity of 10,000 cards per hour, thanks to which we can personalise your plastic cards at high speed. We can do both graphic as electronic personalisation (ex. encoding of RFID chips). Moreover, we are a certified NXP partner, which means we are abreast of the most recent technologies to personalise your cards.


Safe use of cards thanks to our eCP software 

The data exchange for regular or personalised plastic cards is always done in a secure and professional way, thanks to our eCP software (enhanced card issuance platform) that is used within our organisation for managing, controlling and printing your personalised cards or passes.

Do you want to order personalised plastic cards or passes?

Then do not hesitate to contact us! Syx Graphics is specialised in printing and personalizing plastic cards and we attach great importance to quality. Do not hesitate to ask for more information on how we can personalise your plastic cards.