Printing plastic cards or badges








Are you looking for a partner that can print your plastic cards or badges? 
Syx Graphics has the necessary expertise to guide you in your search for the right plastic cards. Think of customer cards, membership cards, access cards, or other custom plastic cards. These plastic cards have the format of a bank card, so you can easily put them in your wallet.
The plastic cards are available in different finishes:
  • matt laminated plastic
  • glossy laminated plastic
  • blank plastic
  • printed plastic (optional with 3-D spot varnish)
It is of course also possible to personalise the plastic badges by means of embossing (raised text) or thermal printing. Moreover, we can provide the cards with round or oval perforations and perforated lines.

Do you want to secure the plastic badges?

By adding security elements to plastic cards, you can protect them against forgery. Syx Graphics secures plastic cards by adding holograms, guilloches, UV phosphorescent and OVI ink. For more information, we refer to the page on security levels.

Special card formats 

Do you want to print plastic passes, do you have a specific request or do you want another format than the classic bank card format? This is possible. Take a look at our Special Card Shapes folder or contact us without obligation.