Biodegradable cards








Syx Graphics is pleased to introduce our environmentally friendly SG Bio Card. This card is fully biodegradable. 

Passes are generally made of PVC or ABS, two synthetic materials that do not really have the reputation to be environmentally friendly, quite the contrary.

The SG Bio Card is a pass that meets all ISO demands required for PVC passes. However, an enzyme is added to the synthetic material which allows the latter to completely biodegrade over a period of 9 months to 5 years if it is thrown in a compost environment.
The special feature of this formula is that – in the case of normal use - these passes have a life span that is as long as normal PVC passes. The degradation of the synthetic material does not begin until the passes are put in a compost environment.

The production process perfectly fits within the framework of sustainable business and eco-friendly use of energy. All PVC Cards are printed according to the waterless principle that is known for its environmentally friendly characteristics.