Packaging & delivery

In today’s commercial projects, often the card is no longer considered to be the final product. More and more the emphasis is put on the possibilities outside the card body. The card carrier or its packaging is responsible for a significant added value. Syx Graphics looks at the total concept and helps you decide on carrier and packaging choice. These external features not only contribute greatly on a marketing point of view, but also add to the general security and performance of your project.









Well chosen packaging designs can hold leaflets, instructional information or generate additional revenue through advertisements.

Controlled logistics also add to the general quality level of our cards. They are electronically counted and packed in trays of 100, 250 or 500 cards. Our boxes are made of white cardboard to avoid any paper dust.

The card boxes are completely anonymous, but can be labelled as per customer requirement. Finally the boxes are shrink-wrapped so the cards stay dust-free during transport. The sealed card boxes are then packed in big boxes of 3000 cards. Every shipment contains 10 sample cards to be stocked in your archives. Syx Graphics always aims to get your standard card order shipped within 10 working days. In the event that we need to personalise your cards or if your project contains mailing, matching or packaging we will plan the delivery schedule according to your wishes and the available production capacity. Honouring the agreed upon planning is of the utmost importance to us.