RFID solutions for security ID & access control cards

RFID solutions (Radio-frequency identification) can be used for all sorts of applications with a focus on security. Our security ID cards withstand counterfeiting and other malicious practices.

Syx Graphics offers RFID solutions with several types of security measures. Your choice will depend on the level of security you need.

Types of security features


A security solution that includes printing a text in a typesize that is too small for the human eye to read. Microtext renders a card unforgeable. Not even dye sublimation or ink jet or laser printing will work to copy this.

The technique can be verified using a magnifying glass. 







This is a collection of unique and complex line patterns. A card with a guilloche pattern cannot be copied. The guilloche technique is used to secure bank notes, security documents and badges. 

Invisible UV ink





UV is short for ultraviolet and is especially used as a secondary security method. The ink is only visible when the card is held under UV light.

Hot stamping of a Hologram

Holographic image card personalisation









This security method requires a three-dimensional image with flat surface in the form of a photographic film. Looking at the image from different angles creates the impression of a three-dimensional object. Its presence can be easily verified with the naked eye. A hologram cannot be copied by any printing technique. It is the best optical security application out there. 

Hot stamping involves using a metallic foil to embed a line pattern or a logo into the card. The foil is heated up and pressed onto the card’s surface. Hot stamping is used a lot for VIP cards or club membership cards. 

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