Security projects

Own identification department

Our department Syx Graphics ID Solutions consists of a team of experienced employees that are active in the different fields of identification:
  • access control for buildings, car parks, events, …
  • identity papers: security ID cards, driving and navigation licences, work permits, health insurance passes, …
  • cashless payment: paying in a safe way during large events (festivals, sport events, …)
We mainly focus on turnkey solutions and offer our customers a broad portfolio of hardware and software products:
  • RFID cards: including the encoding of contactless chip cards
  • enrolment: registration software & hardware for enrolling new members, and membership management (ex. staff badges)
  • personalisation: printing unique variable data on pvc cards
  • holography: design and application of holographic images against forgery
  • biometrics: saving fingerprints and iris scan data
In short, all possible solutions for arming your plastic cards against forgery.

Security levels

There are different levels of security characteristics for RFID cards, ID cards, chip cards and other types of plastic passes. Below you can find an overview of the most commonly used options:
 Security level Technical description
 Level  3 OVI (optical variable image)
 Level 4 MLI/CLI (multiple/changeable laser engraved images)
 Level 5 DOVID (diffractive optical variable image device)

Consult a professional

Would you like to know more about RFID cards, identification possibilities or other security options? Syx Graphics is always at your service and will answer all your questions wth pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact us.